Greater Memphis Region Industry Reports

Advanced Manufacturing Report

Agriculture and AgTech COMING SOON

Agribusiness & AgTech Report

Coming July 2023

Automotive & Supplies Report

Food & Beverage Manufacturing Report

Coming September 2023

Healthcare Innovations

Healthcare & Life Science Report

HQ and Finance COMING SOON

HQ & Finance Report

Coming June 2023

Information Technology COMING SOON<br />

Information Technology Report

Coming August 2023

Music and Entertainment Icon COMING SOON

Music & Entertainment Report

Coming October 2023

Supply Chain and Logistics COMING SOON

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Report

Coming November 2023

The Greater Memphis Economic Research Group is a thought leadership entity that manages a portfolio of strategic advisory projects to drive quality job growth and investment activity into the Greater Memphis region. The GMERG team leverages data to align regional stakeholders around the metrics that matter to improving the economic performance of the area and creating generational prosperity for all.

Our capabilities include:

  • Economic Trends & Conditions Research
  • Industry Insights
  • Economic Impact Analyses
  • Cost Comparison and Analyses
  • Labor and Wage Benchmarking
  • Custom Economic Reporting
  • Spatial Analyses

Please contact to our team for more information.

Tecora Murray Profile

Tecora Murray

Executive Director, Greater Memphis Economic Research Group


MacKenzie Stonis Profile<br />

MacKenzie Stonis

Economic Research Analyst, Greater Memphis Economic Research Group


Abby Latture Profile

Abby Latture

Economic Development Research Analyst, Greater Memphis Economic Research Group